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Онкология Медицина информация

Advanced diagnostic and treatment methods

An integrated approach to solving the problem, drawing up an individual plan for effective treatment in leading foreign clinics.

Advanced Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Cancer treatment Cancer treatment abroad has now reached a qualitatively different level, despite the fact that some forms of the disease are still difficult to treat, most types of cancer are successfully treated. Early diagnosis allows the detection of tumors before the pathological changes caused by them become irreversible, and the early initiation of treatment ensures its high effectiveness.


Opportunities and benefits of modern cancer treatments
New cancer diagnostic methods
Advanced Cancer Treatments in Israel
Cancer Treatment Abroad
Cancer treatment in Russia and Belarus
About cancer – interesting facts
Cancer treatment cost

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Why does alkaline water help our bodies to stay healthy and recover faster?

Some say that drinking alkaline water regulates your body’s PH level, in turn it will neutralize acid in your body and this helps prevent chronic diseases like cancer. Although this is not directly proven, there are links to this keeping your body in a healthy state which is proven to help prevent cancer. 

Taking any steps to improve what you put in your body weather it be food or drink will always count towards your internals being healthier. You are after all what you eat. 

Opportunities and benefits of modern cancer treatment
The main benefits of innovative cancer treatment are: cancer recovery

High degree of training of doctors, the highest qualification of operating oncologists, chemotherapists, radiotherapists, diagnosticians;
A high level of technical equipment of the clinics, allowing both diagnostics and treatment to be carried out as accurately and quickly as possible, using methods that are safe for the patient and highly effective;
Constant improvement of available tools and methods in accordance with the latest achievements in the field of oncology, the exchange of experience between the leading cancer centres of the world, the rapid implementation of scientific research results in practice.

This provides maximum opportunities for the patient who seeks medical help at a clinic of this level.


Cancer diagnosis Another feature of modern oncology is the ability to keep abreast, that is, constantly monitor emerging innovations, new ideas, and introduce them into clinical practice. In addition, scientists and clinicians are constantly working to create new therapeutic and diagnostic methods. For the diagnosis of cancer are used:

Computerized tomographic radiation methods

CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound, scintigraphy, radioisotope research, angiography, myelography;
ultrasound methods – CT-ultrasound, dopplerography;
infrared and electromagnetic diagnostics;
instrumental methods – laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, cystoscopy, colposcopy, hysteroscopy, colonoscopy, esophagogastroscopy, biopsy;
laboratory methods – detailed blood tests, sputum, urine, spinal fluid tests for atypical cells, immunological research, determination of tumor markers, molecular genetic research.


MRI – Such techniques as CT, MRI, PET are some of the most informative today. These methods allow you to visualize in detail the internal organs and tissues. Thanks to detailed images, it is possible to identify malignant neoplasms in the early stages. Tomographic methods are also used to monitor the results of treatment.
Ultrasonic methods

Ultrasound diagnosis also allows you to visualize the internal structures of the body. Ultrasound Ultrasound is reflected in different ways from tissues of different densities, these vibrations are recorded by a special sensor and reflected on the monitor. Ultrasound in many cases is less informative than CT or MRI.

Instrumental diagnostic methods

biopsy Instrumental examinations, such as laparoscopy, biopsy, are usually used to confirm a diagnosis. A biopsy involves tissue sampling for analysis of cancer cells. Laparoscopy involves gentle surgical intervention for diagnostic purposes.


Among the new methods for diagnosing cancer there are many unique and accurate Diagnostics of Symphonytechnologies. For example, a breakthrough in the diagnosis of breast cancer was made by SYMPHONY technology based on Microarray biological chips, which includes a series of tests that can accurately determine the type of tumor, its sensitivity to treatment, and even the prognosis of its “behavior” for the coming years. The method was developed by Israeli scientists. Noteworthy are the inhalation methods for early diagnosis of lung cancer by analyzing exhaled air, as well as the “electronic skin” – a nanoplastic scanner for detecting breast cancer and many other innovations.


Robotic operation The main methods of cancer treatment remain surgical, drug and radiotherapeutic, in their most modern modifications. Innovative techniques are also used, such as photosensitizing therapy, laser surgery, the Cyber-Knife technique, and brachytherapy. Robotics is actively used in surgical interventions, which increases their accuracy. In recent years, immunotherapy is gaining momentum – a method in which the patient’s immune system is activated.

Cancer treatment is carried out according to the most modern programs, compiled individually, with a combination of methods:

tumor removal – surgical or alternative;
hormone therapy.


When removing tumors, new technologies of microscopic control of the quality of removal (Margin Probe, Moos) are used, a nano-scalpel – electroporation (IRE) has been developed, which allows even inoperable tumors to be removed at the cellular level. In the initial stages of cancer, bloodless methods for its removal are widely used – radiosurgical, ablation – cryogenic, ultrasound, radiofrequency, photodynamic method, as well as the method of “cold” plasma.

chemotherapy For chemotherapy, the latest drugs are used according to schemes that include several components (polychemotherapy). In parallel, selective chemotherapy is carried out – the introduction of large doses of drugs into the vessels going to the tumor. In the latest drugs, side effects are minimized.

Chemotherapy can be adjuvant and neoadjuvant. Ineuvant chemotherapy is used before surgery to reduce the tumor, reduce its growth and prevent metastasis. Adjuvant chemotherapy is prescribed after surgery to destroy the remaining malignant cells.


Radiation therapy is fundamentally different from previous technologies. It is based on modern linear particle accelerators, a treatment in the clinic that allows you to direct the beam exactly at the object without damaging healthy tissues and organs. This allows you to irradiate with higher doses without harm to the body. Selective radiotherapy is also used – the introduction of isotopes into blood vessels, and internal radiation (brachytherapy) – the introduction of minicapsules with radioisotopes into the affected organ. New types of irradiation are applied – proton, neutron.

A special place in the treatment of cancer in Israel is occupied by biotherapy – treatment with immune drugs, and among their diversity, oncology is dominated by monoclonal antibodies that act strictly on cancer cells, and are also able to find them in the body. This provides a good effect in the treatment of common, metastatic forms of cancer. Oncologists believe that in the foreseeable future, immunotherapy can replace the use of chemically toxic drugs.

Hormone therapy

hormonal drugs

Cancer hormone therapy involves the use of hormonal drugs or drugs that reduce the production of certain hormones. This method is effective in a limited number of cases with tumor sensitivity to hormones. Homonotherapy is most often used for breast cancer in women, and for prostate cancer in men.


The price aspect of treatment abroad is one of the most. The cost of treatment is important for most patients, because it is not a secret that the prices of medical services abroad are high, because this treatment is usually combined, including several methods, expensive drugs and radiation technologies complicated surgical interventions. This is so, since cancer treatment abroad is carried out by highly qualified doctors, in addition, modern oncology is successful only with the availability of high-quality, high-precision medical equipment and other means used in the diagnostic and treatment process. Despite the fact that cancer is not a disease where you should save, it is still possible for each patient to choose the country or clinic where the cost of treating cancer will be the most acceptable for him.

You can find out the exact cost of a course of treatment in a particular clinic by contacting them before your treatment.


Treatment abroad Treatment of cancer in foreign clinics requires an individual approach. The effectiveness of treatment is determined by the most accurately selected treatment program, suitable for each patient. When prescribing a treatment program, factors such as the stage and type of cancer, localization and size of the tumor, age of the patient, the presence of metastases, and concomitant diseases are taken into account.

The use of advanced technologies in the treatment of cancer, as well as a high level of comfort of service, make foreign clinics attractive to medical tourists.
Cancer treatment in Russia and Belarus

Leading specialists of Russian and Belarusian clinics successfully take over the experience of foreign treatment in Russia and Belarus from their colleagues. Qualified doctors use advanced cancer treatment methods that meet international standards.

Today, the treatment of cancer in Russia and Belarus among the best specialists is not inferior in quality to treatment abroad. Moreover, its cost is much lower.

To undergo a quick and accurate examination, as well as a course of effective treatment in the most optimal way for you, enter your data in the contact form on the site. During the day, a free consultation with a leading oncologist, all the necessary information, the choice of a clinic and comprehensive organizational assistance are provided.
Urgent consultation

About cancer – interesting facts

Cancer is called the “No. 2 killer” – after cardiovascular disease. But today he is not as menacing and mysterious as he was decades ago. Many secrets of cancer have already been revealed by scientists, and the cancer treatment itself has become much more effective. Statistics show that the process of reducing cancer mortality is clearly traced, for example, in civilized countries over the past year it decreased by 6%. But in general, according to cancer statistics, the global cancer situation is as follows:

New treatments

over the past year, the number of cancer patients in the world replenished by 14.5 million;
due to cancer last year 8.5 million people died;
among those who die from cancer, more than 70% are residents of countries with low living standards;
there is such a paradox: the incidence of cancer in developed countries is higher, and mortality is much lower than in developing countries.

The explanation for this is simple and logical: the cancer incidence rates in developed countries are growing due to improved cancer diagnostics, screening and identification of its initial stages. The decrease in mortality is due to an improvement in the quality and effectiveness of cancer treatment abroad, and again, an improvement in the early diagnosis of cancer, when in most cases it is treatable.

The situation with oncology in Russia has indicators worse than the global average:

the number of detected cases of cancer over the past year amounted to more than half a million;
cancer mortality is quite high and amounts to 100 thousand patients per day;
in Russia, there are currently 2.7 million patients registered in cancer centers and dispensaries.

Interesting studies by scientists from different countries of the causes of cancer have led to the following important conclusions:

over the past 10 years, cancer “killed” 50 million people, of which 90% were smokers;
hereditary transmission of cancer genes is an established fact, but it occurs only in 5-10% of cases of the disease;
more than 70% of cancer patients are overweight and underfed in fiber and vitamins (fresh fruits and vegetables);
the most prone to cancer people with an inactive lifestyle, not having a family;
cancer often develops against a background of reduced immunity – after severe viral infections, exposure to toxic substances, radiation;
about half of cancer deaths could be prevented by normalizing lifestyle and nutrition, timely screening and treatment;
finally, today in the world there are more than 28 million people cured of cancer.

The above figures convincingly indicate that both diagnosis and treatment of cancer abroad today give far more chances for patients to recover and prolong their life.


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