Онкология Медицина информация

Онкология Медицина информация

Advanced diagnostic and treatment methods

An integrated approach to solving the problem, drawing up an individual plan for effective treatment in leading foreign clinics.

Innovative oncology: new in the treatment of prostate cancer

Medicine, and especially oncology, does not stand still. Constantly work is underway to improve the existing and invention of new types of therapy for malignant diseases. Some of them are actively used in practice, while others are still at the stage of experimental research.

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For example, one of the discoveries is that new studies of genes have allowed scientists to understand the mechanism of cancer development, which means that the day is not far off when there will be an opportunity to hinder this development, stopping the process at its very beginning.

Oncourology is also moving forward, and the peculiarity of the Israeli healthcare system is that innovations go a very short way from clinical trials confirming their effectiveness to introduction into practice. Therefore, Israel uses the latest, most effective methods of treating cancer, including one as common as prostate cancer. That is why, when patients come to Israel for treatment, they get the maximum chance of a successful recovery – new in the treatment of prostate cancer often ensures success when traditional methods have been unsuccessful.

How much does prostate cancer treatment cost in Israel

The cost of treating prostate cancer in Israel largely depends on the volume and method of treatment. In turn, the choice of this or that method is based on different components: the type and stage of neoplasm, the degree of malignancy and the rate of progression, etc. Therefore, the cost is set for each patient separately.

If you are considering the possibility of treatment abroad, please contact us by filling out a feedback form, and we will help you to prepare an estimate for treatment.

What Is New in the treatment of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is traditionally treated surgically, namely, a resection of the prostate is performed, during which the tumor is removed along with the organ. This operation is considered to be very complicated, often it leads to complications associated with abundant blood supply and innervation of the pelvic area. This is why non-surgical treatments for prostate cancer are being developed. Some of them are already successfully used by Israeli doctors.

Photodynamic therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer (PDT)


The essence of photodynamic therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer is the local exposure to a photosensitizing agent. The drug is absorbed exclusively by cancer cells, is non-toxic to healthy cells, and after treatment is rapidly excreted from the patient.

The photosensitizer is administered intravenously, after which a special probe ensures the light wavelength in such a way that oxygen-containing substances are released in the necessary zone, which cause tumor necrosis.

Immunotherapy for prostate cancer in Israel


To date, immunotherapy for prostate cancer in Israel has been widely used. This method was first used several years ago, and since then it has been rapidly improving and becoming more and more popular.

Immune drugs are prescribed for a high degree of tumor malignancy, the ineffectiveness of chemo- and hormonal therapy, as well as for the metastatic process. By and large, such treatment has no contraindications, therefore, it can be prescribed to patients at any stage.

Modern immunopreparations used in Israel are capable of activating a person’s own immune system, after which its cells become able to detect malignant tissue and destroy it.

Radiation Prostate Cancer Therapy in Israel


Radiation therapy for prostate cancer in Israel is diverse and is used as part of a combination treatment, in cases where it is necessary to reduce the size of the neoplasm before surgery, etc.

Two types of radiotherapy treatment are used:

External or remote, when the tumor receives a dose of radiation from the outside. The method is effective in the early phases of oncopathology, as well as to alleviate the patient’s condition with metastatic bone damage. In Israel, it is carried out using innovative equipment, the latest linear accelerators, which increases the accuracy of irradiation and its effectiveness;
Internal (brachytherapy) is a method in which a capsule containing a radioactive component is directly introduced into the tumor. There are two types of capsules: with small radiation, which remain in the patient’s body for the rest of his life, without causing any discomfort, and with a larger dose of radiation, which are placed in the prostate for a short period of time – up to 15 minutes. Brachytherapy is effective in the early stages of cancer and slowly progressing tumors. In most cases, it replaces surgery, providing high treatment effectiveness.

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